A Hat Cat Day

After our morning walk, my dear husband was unpacking his fanny pack and found that a pack of gum had melted in the bottom of it and stuck to everything in it. He removed the contents which included a small handful of change. First he tried to wipe the gum off the coins, but to no avail. He then came up with the idea of boiling the gum off. This worked well, but it left a ring on the saucepan he used.

See the lovely ring of gum.

I didn’t know about it until I was washing the dinner pots this afternoon. Immediately I thought of the “Cat in the Hat Comes Back” Dr. Seuss story that I have read countless times to my children. I laughed as I tried to get that ring of gum off the saucepan. I was definitely not going to use my white dress to remove the ring! Fast forward to the end of the story. I needed VOOM! But where was that little cat Z? No where to be found. So I soaked the pot in hot water and had my husband muscle the ring off the saucepan. Saucepan saved! Have you had a ‘Hat Cat’ day?