Amount of Sunlight–Very Important

As I was walking this morning, I was reflecting on something my sister-in-law said last week when I mentioned how the tomatoes had some flowers but didn’t look like they were going to produce any fruit. I told her how I was keeping them watered despite the extremely hot weather (it’s been in the low 100’s and we’ve had no rain). Each plant has good soil and fertilizer. She pointed out that maybe they were not getting enough sunlight. They are, in fact, getting several hours of sunlight, but maybe they need more. That didn’t occur to me.
Well that got me thinking about sunlight and about “Son-light”. We can be living a good life by Christian principles–loving God with all our hearts, soul, and minds, and loving our neighbor as ourselves, but we may still not be bearing fruit for God’s kingdom. If we are not getting enough “Son-light”, spending enough time in God’s light, having God’s character revealed to us, exercising our faith and obedience to God, we may not be able to grow in our Christian lives and experiences and “bear fruit”. We may not be bringing others into the “light” or knowledge of the saving grace freely given by God through His Son, Jesus Christ who came to show us how to live obediently to God and reveal God’s character to us. Jesus spent a lot of time in prayer. Just as plants need enough sunlight to grow and make fruit, we should be getting enough “Son-light” so that we can grow and make fruit, too.
My back yard is fairly shaded, so I will have to reevaluated the amounts of sunlight in each area to see whether there is a better locations and maybe move the plants to another area of the yard. It’s good that they are in pots. More to come soon.  Remember to get enough “Son-light” today!