Bible Study- Finding God’s amazing love

This year I started reading through the Holy Bible from Genesis. I am only on 1Kings, but it has been quite a blessing. It is so amazing how God loves us and gave us specific guidelines on health, sanitation, moral standards and marriage and tells us how to love Him, ourselves and others (in Genesis through Deuteronomy). God has lain out from the beginning how we are to be happy and healthy because he loves us.

I have tried to read through the Bible before, but never completed it. This time I am taking my time without deadlines or goals, just reading for fun. I turn back and see who is related to whom and what cities and tribes of Israel they are from, and use the maps to see where the foes of Israel are located in relations to where they settled in Canaan. I didn’t know that King Saul was from the tribe of Benjamin.

It is awesome to have historical examples of faithful people such as Noah, Abraham and Isaac, then Jacob from who the Isrealites came, Joseph, Moses, Caleb, Joshua,Samuel,Elijah and David. These people were certainly not perfect, but they acted in faith and love for God, seeking God to lead their lives, and He helped them to live righteously by the His grace.

God’s love is amazing. He feels sad when we turn away, but He doesn’t leave us to our own destruction. He want us to come back to Him and seeks for us when we turn away from Him. He is patient and long-suffering. He will hold His wrath for even 1 faithful person. I am so glad He is my God.

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