Genesis Truth

Happy Sabbath! The Lord put upon my mind to give praise to His glorious name as our creator. Many people believe in the idea of evolution. They say that humans have transformed from other living creatures by a process of millions or billions of years. If evolution and natural selection are actually occurring, at any given point in time we would be witnessing the transformation of one species into another. In fact no one has ever witnessed this in nature. We do not see trees transforming into animals or animals transforming into humans or humans transforming into something beyond humans. Instead we witness the wonderful creative power and authority of a living God. The Word of the Holy God of Heaven, the Holy Bible, tells us in the book of Genesis that God created plants with seeds to bear more plants, animals to produce animals of their own kind and people to produce people to fill the earth. In fact this is what we witness.  We have never seen a pine tree turning into an oak tree, or an oak tree turning into any sort of animal, or a frog changing into a rabbit or kangaroo, or a llama’s neck stretch to the point where it is turning into a giraffe. Nothing of the sort has not been witnessed in nature. Nature gives testimony to the truth of the Bible. Things remain as they were set in place by God. I thank God for showing us His awesome power and sovereignty and authority through nature. I thank God for showing us that His word is truth. I give praise to the living God, our Creator, who made this world in six days and rested with his creation on the seventh day, the Holy Sabbath day that he created. This is why I delight in the Holy Sabbath day of the Lord and worship the Lord on His Holy Sabbath Day. Happy Sabbath to all God’s creation!

Check it out in Genesis chapters 1 and 2.

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