Bridal Shower Dress

Over the years I’ve been a jeans and T-shirt wearer, but recently I’ve been wanting to wear dresses. My closet is basically devoid of casual everyday dresses. This year I am remedying that one dress at a time. This calls for a couple of maxi dresses, some sundresses and sheaths and a few other pieces sprinkled in in an effort to waken my dead wardrobe.

Here is the first maxi dress, Simplicity 2219 which was made to wear to a bridal shower. To break up the flower pattern and add visual interest, I sewed a pink velvet double ribbon trim around the ‘v’. It gives a retro 1940’s vibe to the dress. It is made with a rayon lycra and is very comfortable to wear. I like the ruching on the top. In the end though, this one may be shortened to just below knee length. What do you think?