How to Eat Papaya Without Holding Your Nose

Does the smell of papaya make you hold your nose and run away as far as you can? I too would wince at the smell. But a couple of months ago, I joined the ranks of the papaya eaters, and now can eat it without the slightest gag.


The Health Department at our church was holding a 5 week health and fitness program in advance of the yearly free health fair they hold for the community. Rosemary, the health leader and an RN, presented samples of a different fruit and its benefits each evening after the fitness program. One day it was papaya. Immediately I told her that I detested the pungent odor of the papaya to the point of excluding it from my diet. She said,”Don’t worry, just give it a try. I think you will like this one.” She opened the container filled with beautiful ripe papaya. To my surprise, I did not wince, or reach for my nose or run away. There was no awful pungent odor. I made a comment about how it didn’t stink. She said that she had squeezed some lime juice over the papaya pieces. I reached for a piece and popped it into my mouth. It was delicious and free of the gross sweaty-socks smell. Now I actually buy papayas, and limes to squeeze on top of course. And I am glad that I can enjoy this nutritious fruit.