Still updating the house

For the last few years, we’ve been slowly updating some of our house. It started with the floors. We removed the torn builder installed carpet and laid tiles and laminate flooring throughout the house.  When you lay new floors, you really find our how much stuff you have because it all has to be moved:) We remodeled the children’s bath including the shower tiles. We are currently replacing the base boards and shoe moulding around the walls. I have painted the family room and replaced the curtains and will be painting the entire house, except the bedrooms which are already done. Jeff and I will be making mantels for our double sided fireplace. The last part will be the kitchen cabinets. It is coming together little by little. While looking for designs for mantels, I came to like the look of the cast stone mantels. However, we have decided to make wooden mantels. I like some of the elements on these two mantels. We will be making one mantel for the family room and one for the formal living room, which is currently my sewing room and piano room. I like the way things are coming together, finally.

Mantel for formal living room The_Lakefield_Mantel_Design


fireplace mantel Monarch-300